NBA Draft

Tyrese Maxey Scouting Report

Background and Measurements:

  • 6’3 , 198lb Combo Guard from Garland, TX
  • + standing reach
  • 24/7 had him as the #10 overall recruit and the #3 combo guard in his high school class
  • Played 1 season at University of Kentucky
  • 19 YO at time of draft


  • Primarily played off-ball at Kentucky but managed to provide solid production (even despite KY’s spacing issues) which attests to his ability to move off ball and get free from his man off screen action
  • Solid if unspectacular handle. Lacks the shake to consistently beat his man off the dribble but if he gets free, his insane speed allows him to attack the rim with force
  • Crafty finisher at the rim, solid ambidexterity, super soft touch on both layups and floaters
  • Soft touch extends to his entry passing/lob game
  • This touch also helps him a lot as the inbounder on ATO sets. Calipari loved to have Maxey inbounding to Nate Sestina on ATO action, felt like that play couldn’t miss
  • As a passer, doesn’t really make too many advanced reads. Could just be playing within his role, but would’ve liked to see a little more vision/feel as the orchestrator of a half court offense
  • Good at running PnR from a scoring perspective. 86th percentile as a P&R ball-handler due mainly to attacking basket off screen (83rd percentile on 68 possessions on dribbles off pick)
  • Keeps the ball swinging, makes pretty quick decisions
  • Basically a 1.5 A/TO which attests to his ability to play within the flow of the game
  • Subpar college shooter from 3pt land (29.2% on decent volume) but this could be partially due to KY’s spacing issues. Has shown some level of ability to spot up and even pull up (especially at EYBL)
  • 3pt attempts accounted for 30% of his possessions, he was good for 0.852PPP, 47th percentile
  • Don’t love his mechanics, but they’re not terrible. Release point is too low, especially for a smallish guard
  • Shot 83% from FT, I buy the ability to shoot at least as a spot-up guy


  • Big standout characteristic is his quick and active hands. Constantly pestering the ball-handler, recognizes weak handle and attacks at opportune moments
  • Strong lower body, flexible hips and great overall speed suggest impact as a point of attack defender/on-ball defender. Isolation stats back this up, but how valuable is PG man defense? Not sure he’s game changing here
  • Good team defender who doesn’t gamble too much, plays within scheme but stays opportunistic
  • Can improve on defending when the ball-handler rejects the screen (7th percentile on 13 possessions). Super small sample size, but looks like he might cheat a bit and assume the ball-handler is going to use the screen. Not a major concern but something to keep an eye on

NBA Role:

  • Solid day 1 fit as guy who can run the break in transition and defend at a high level
  • Has a pathway to becoming a solid starter level PG if he can maximize his ability to shoot pull-up 3s and/or if he can become more effective as a PnR passer. Either one will unlock his ability to attack the basket
  • If he can be a consistent spot up shooter, could be an ideal off-ball point guard (spot up shooter/glue guy type on offense, elite POA defender on defense) with a long career
  • Many different paths to success lend me to believe he has a pretty high floor

NBA Fits:

  • Fits well on teams with a primary initiator with defensive concerns, bonus points if they’re wing sized
  • Could be a good fit for ATL but would probably be a reach there unless they slide
  • Maybe MIN but they need a rim protecting 4 and a two way wing more
  • My favorite fit is Phoenix. Would fit great next to Devin Booker on offense and can help cover for him on defense. Young PG who can eventually take over for Rubio. Can run bench unit to develop PG skills when not rolling with the starting unit

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